In these times of Lockdown due to Covid19 we are all doing those jobs around the house that we have put off for years, clearing out the cupboards, organising the bookshelves and culling the books. Cooking, reading, bingeing on our favorite series but what happens when those activities are all done? Monopoly – you can play so many games. The single ingredient that will get you through this lockdown apart from your family is motivation.

What is motivation?

Create A fire – way to define motivation.

Directions: Read the following definitions of “Motivation” and highlight the words and phrases the resonates the closest to how you would define the term

  • Proving a reason to act in a certain way
  • Desire, interest, incentive or drive to do
  • The process that arouses, sustains and regulates behaviour
  • The reason one has for acting or behaving in  a particular way
  • Aroused to take to action toward a desired goal
  • The process that initiates, guides and maintains
  • That which causes us to act
  • Needs, desire, wants or drives within an individual
  • The process of stimulating people to action
  • Factors that stimulate desire
  • To be continually interested and committed to make an effort
  • Inner power or energy that pushes us toward action

Perhaps by defining your motivation is may inspire you to more activities and actions.

Stay safe during these uncertain times

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