Cardinal Pell Aquittal

Cardinal Pell in Australia has his conviction of child abuse quashed by the six Judges of the High Court. It was the most high profile case in the Catholic Church.  It was decided by a Jury of twelve unanimously that he was guilty as charged then that decision was appealed and went to the Supreme Court where yet again it was unanimously agreed that he was guilty and his six-year jail sentence.  However, today the High Court handed down a unanimous decision that they squashed Pell’s jail sentence of six years.  He has severed eighteen months.

This comes as a serious blow to many child sexual abuse victims around the World. It is a devastating decision and I feel deeply for his victim. The evidence was overwhelming against him but the Court ruled on a technicality of Law that one victim’s evidence was not overwhelming.  This man came forward and bravely spoke out. I have so much respect for him. The other accuser committed suicide following years of Mental Health illness. His father issued a Statement an hour ago saying they would take out a Civil Case against Pell and the Church. There are eight other Civil Cases being taken against Pell.

Please all victims do not think that your evidence won’t be believed if you are able to go to Court. Pell got off on a technicality. The Law is not always just.  Proceed with your cases. Do not think you won’t be believed. We believe you.

I am going to go ahead with my Court Case by video evidence from Australia to historical sexual abuse by two Priests in the Catholic Church in Ireland in the 1970s. This recent news just makes me even more determined to proceed. The Catholic Church covered up abuse and while aware of offending Priests just continued to move them onto other Parishes. Pell as an Archbishop here in Australia is guilty of this. The Royal Commission in 2012 said he was guilty of this and did not find him a credible witness. Another twenty-eight pages from the Royal Commission will be released today now that the Pell decision has been handed down. It had been redacted until that happened. Will be very interesting to read what their rulings are.

Please do not give up and do not let this beat you into denial or submission. We were all victims of such a large Institution and justice will prevail.

Stay safe in these strange times of Covid19 and stay in touch with your therapists.

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