Living With Bushfires

I haven’t blogged since Christmas Eve due to the proximity of our house to the fires. We live in the bush and the Nattai National Park. The fire has been raging for three months due to a lightning strike in November.  As Christmas approached so too did the catastrophe of the Australian Bush Fires.

It came dangerously near our property so on the 22nd of December we were evacuated. We decided to go down to our Holiday House at Narrawallee down the South Coast. rather than go the an evacuation center. We had Christmas there and it was wonderful to have the whole family together at such a stressful time. Not knowing what is happening to your home is dreadful.

After being there three days, a fire broke out on a 40-degree day in the National Park down where we were. The Princes Highway was closed due to the fire jumping from trees on one side of the road to the other and then falling down. It remained closed for two weeks so we were unable to leave and go home.

So many Australians have lost their homes due to these unprecedented fires. 32 people have died and the devastation to the wildlife is unimaginable. The Koala is now as a result of the fires listed as an endangered species by the UN and the World Wild Life Fund. They believe that many smaller indigenous animals will be rendered extinct. It is a catastrophic event for Australia.

Our Government was very slow to react exacerbating the situation. It took them a month to bring in the Army and Navy. People were trapped on beaches down south for a week before the Navy was enlisted to evacuate them by boat and helicopter. Appalling.

As a result of the fires many firefighters and those who lost homes, were trapped on beaches and had to live in evacuation centers for weeks are now suffering from PTSD and related trauma. The one good thing the Government has done is bring in teams of psychologists and counselors to bring support to affected communities.

I do hope if any of you were impacted by the fire you stayed safe and didn’t lose any property.

It only highlights the growing danger of Climate Change which our Government refuses to acknowledge. All the scientists have predicted these fires for years but they wouldn’t listen and look at the catastrophic fires we have endured and will for months to come and many fires are burning out of control. Why they won’t accept Climate Science is beyond me. We need to raise our emissions targets and become as a country committed to dealing with Climate Change.

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