Bushfires in Australia

I’ve recently just been discharged from St of God Hospital following suicidal ideation.  I had to be discharged early due to the bushfires that are ravaging Australia. Our house backs onto the Nattai National Park where there is an uncontained fire threatening our home. We were evacuated two days ago by the Rural Fire Service.

Luckily we have a beach house down south so we’re able to go there with our photographs and precious items, chickens and dog. We get there to find out that there is a raging fire on the other side of our nearest village Milton and the freeway back to our home is closed so at the moment we are in our beach house. We just have to wish for luck and to stay safe.

Many people in Australia are doing it very tough at the moment as they have lost their homes, livelihood and stock. Farms have literally been obliterated. One village near where I live in the Southern Highlands called Balmoral has been razed to the ground. The whole village is gone. There isn’t a house left standing.

The Rural Fire Service, which is a volunteer organisation have been fighting the fires for three weeks now. They are tired and exhausted. Finally, they have brought in the Army for water bombing. That is making a huge difference. One would ask the question: Why didn’t they do it before now?

We just have to hope we get through Christmas okay and a huge thank you to the RFS and their families.

Have a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.


  1. I hope you and your family stay safe. I live in Southern California and we have fires every year. We’ve had some really, really bad years in the past, the air full of ash for days, but thankfully never lost everything.
    Stay safe!🙏💌

    • Happy New Year to you. Good to hear from you. Yes I have seen the Californian bushfires on TV and they look horrific.
      We were evacuated on December 23rd and have been in an evacuation centre every since with out dog and chickens. Luckily the firefighters were able to save our house. Our sheds and garden are completely burnt out as is the tennis court and pool. We are so appreciative of the firefighters work.

      It was good to be allowed to come home today but they have told us to stay on high alert as two fires have joined and there is still a chance it will come to us again.

      Hope you are well.

      All the best


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