PTSD may be stopping you from sleeping: Here is what can do if you are experiencing this.

By The Health Crux

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychological condition that is caused by
experiencing or witnessing traumatic or terrifying events.
Natural disaster, terrorists act, rape, assault, war, accidents are traumatic events that
can cause Post traumatic stress disorder. This disorder can hinder sleep, people with
PTSD may constantly feel tensed, anxious, scared, and they may even have flashbacks
which may cause nightmares these nightmares may be so intense that they can make
the sufferers wake up in the middle of their sleep, this is because the nightmares are not
ordinary nightmares, they are nightmares about the person’s trauma or upsetting
events. PTSD sufferers sometimes feel afraid of going to sleep. This may be because
people that have experienced traumatic events feel like they have to protect themselves
by being alert or awake – they feel like being asleep puts them at risk of more trauma. 
PTSD is also linked to depression which may also hinder sleep. PTSD sufferers may
also use alcohol or drugs to cope with their situation; too much alcohol reduces the
quality and duration of sleep.
This fear of sleeping may increase the intensity of the nightmares. Sufferers of PTSD
may have some other medical problems like stomach problem or chronic pain, this can
also hinder sleep. All these interfere with the sleep cycle, preventing the person from
sleeping at night and causing the person to sleep during the day. This makes it even
more difficult to sleep at night, causing an imbalance in sleep routine and melatonin. If
this not taken care of, the situation can become worse.

Melatonin: is the hormone that regulates sleep and relaxation.
What you can do

  1.  Physical remedy:
  • Exercise: some researchers have shown that exercise can reduce PTSD
    symptoms. Aerobic exercises help to prevent substance abuse and reduce
    symptoms of depression. Exercise may help you burn excess energy during
    the day so you can sleep at night. You can start these easy at home
  • Yoga helps to reduce negative thoughts and concentrating on the present.
    Regular exercise helps to improve the overall health of people living with
    PTSD because PTSD puts them at risk of having diabetes and heart disease.
    Note: it is important to consult your doctor or mental health practitioner if you have
    PTSD in order to choose the best exercises for your condition.
    If you are still having a hard time sleeping, you can try these easy tips to help you sleep
  1. Get help: See your doctor or a mental health professional:
  • If you experience any of the above,
  • If you feel your symptoms are starting to get worse
  • If you are having suicidal thoughts
    Get help as soon as possible so your PTSD doesn’t get worse
  1. Mindfully choose a healthy lifestyle: for people with PTSD, it is easier to
    choose to keep smoking, keep drinking, keep over- eating or emotional eating
    but you can take control of your situation and mindfully choose not to drink too
    much or smoke too much or over-eat. When you start to take these steps you will
    begin to slowly get over your trauma or slowly be able to control the effects of the
    flashbacks of the trauma. This will help you sleep better because your mind is
    more relaxed.
  2. Aromatherapy: aromatherapy has shown to reduce stress, relieve pain, ease
    anxiety and depression and improve sleep. Some essential oils help relieve
    anxiety.   Essential oils like lavender has shown to improve sleep quality in
    people with anxiety and depression. You can try this ultimate diffuser recipes for sleep.

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  1. Thanks for all this good info. Right when I need to see it! I’ve been giving in to negative urges again…

    • Hi Peggy, thanks for getting in touch. I am glad that the article was useful to you. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Flashbacks get worse, your suicidal idea increases and so do thoughts of self=harm. I hope you can fight the negative urges. Please don’t hurt yourself. All the best Erin

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