Cardinal Pell Convicted Of Rape

Today in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, third in line to the Pope in Rome was convicted on one count of rape of a Choir Boy and four counts of indecent assault. His appeal to the Supreme Court of three judges handed down a verdict of guilty.

This is a huge and momentous Court ruling for victims of abuse in the Catholic Church. His victims were believed in the eyes of Law. The previous trial that was held, the Jury gave a unanimous verdict of guilty but he appealed.

For me as a victim of child abuse by a Priest in a paedophile ring it means everything to me that he was found guilty. It means as survivors we are believed. Any survivor will tell you that their biggest fear is that their abuse will not be believed. This is for present or historical sexual abuse. Tonight I go to bed with a lighter heart than I woke up this morning awaiting the Judgement by the Appeal Judges.

They said unequivocally that they believed and found the witness credible, believable and brave who conducted himself on the witness stand in an exemplary way. The other victim of Pell’s committed suicide a few years ago. So sad that he did not get to see the verdict today.

This has huge ramifications for the Catholic Church and the Holy See. Where to from here for the Church? This is a huge decision that was taken today and one they cannot ignore. Their Church is now in crisis.


  1. Thank you for this post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I also published an article on my blog today regarding the decision by the court regarding Pell. It would be great if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for getting in touch. I read your article and its great as it sets out the reasons for the judgment and result. Mine was more emotive. Your site looks great by the way. I really like how you have set it out. Very professional. Do you want to collaborate on publishing some of each other’s articles. All credit would go to you and a link would be set up to direct readers back to your site. You have material that I think would benefit my readers. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best Erin.

      • Hi Erin, thank you very much for your kind words. I would be more tha happy to collaborate, I think that would be highly beneficial. Thanks, Sim.

      • Hi Sim

        That’s great to hear. I would like to publish your article on Rehabilitation not Incarceration if possible. All credit would go to you and I will let you know how many hits it gets.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        All the best Erin.

  2. Cardinal Pell is staying in jail. Thank God! I am battling here in Ireland with the Church and school after my 5y boy was abused at school in a storeroom. The Priest and the Principal are in this up to their necks. Everyone involved is threatening to sue us for defamation and my poor son is not believed, even though the Grandmother came forward to say the accused is guilty – he’s done it before. She later retracted her statement (under pressure from somewhere)

    • That’s terrible about your son. I am so sorry to hear that. I can’t believe that schools and Priests are still covering up for abusers. Very frustrating about the Grandmother retracting her statement. How could she? She now has a lot on her conscience. I really hope you get Justice for your son. It’s fantastic that he told you so you can get him therapy as he will need it. I am Irish and was raped by a paedophile ring in Ireland in the 1980’s for fourteen years. I immigrated to Australia when I was 26 as I could no longer bear to stay in Ireland. I wish I could have gone back for the Royal Commission and given a statement. Good luck on your journey getting justice. Stay in touch if you want any support.

  3. My eyes started to fill with tears upon reading this. So glad that this evil person was convicted, and distraught for what the victims had gone through and that it was at the hands of someone they trusted and should be trustworthy. Not only has the Catholic church harbored so many pedophiles, but they protected them and transferred them repeatedly to other parishes even when they knew what they were capable of. It is a huge pedophile ring of international proportions.

    • I agree with you that the Catholic Church along with other religious organisations have been so responsible for so much abuse. The Priest that abused me died before I could do anything. Yesterday I felt validated by the Pell verdict.

  4. The Boston Globe report ‘Spotlight’ first brought this to my attention. It is a ring of mammoth proportions and we should all be concerned just how much at risk our kids are. The Epstein case means that killing off the witness is a course of action to prevent exposure!

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