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Today, it’s so easy to develop a negative mindset when every single day you’re bombarded with negative news on the media. But that’s just a cherry on top. 

The cake is all the daily struggles you have to deal with and – surprise surprise – the biological tendency of our brain to be negative. 

It turns out, we’re naturally more sensitive to negative things so we tend to emphasize them more (thanks brain, you never stop to amaze us).

Sprinkle some workplace drama, stress, and misfortunes (yes, everyone gets to deal with some problems, no matter how lucky you think they are) and here you have a perfect negativity cake.

“What’s wrong with cakes Amber, I really like cake, do you have a problem with it? Choose your words wisely. 

Oh no! Cake is incredible. It’s just that the negativity cake is not that tasty. In fact, it’s really bitter. And the more you eat it, the more bitter you become yourself. 

Eat this cake every day, and you might as well get sick. 

If you’ve been negative for a long time, you might notice that it’s getting harder and harder to go with your day without getting upset or angry. 

Or, if something stressful happens, you tend to expect the worst possible outcome instantly – and believe that it’s the ONLY possible outcome (which is rarely true, just so you know).

Positive events stop giving you joy because you immediately remind yourself that this might be temporary and another trouble is right around the corner.

I used to think like that all the time. And I still sometimes do. 

Some people are just more skeptical and pessimistic than others – that’s fine. We need to be rational and skeptical because it helps us protect ourselves and make the right decisions.

But since you’ve landed on this article, I think it’s a pretty good indicator that you secretly find yourself a little too negative. A bit too full of that bitter cake.

If that’s the case, I have something that might help you! Here are the things that help me keep a negative mindset at bay and go through life with the belief that the glass is half full, not half empty. 

They are easy, yet powerful enough to help you beat negative mindest once and for all. 

10 Powerful Ways To Stop Being So Negative

P. S. Don’t have time to read this whole post?Here’s one thing you can do to stop being negative and change your mindset right away! Grab this Positivity Journal, print it and do a few exercises (or if you’re not super busy – do them all). You will feel a lot less negative right away because it will help you quickly shift your focus to positive things. A life hack? It might very well be. 😉

1. Do a mental declutter to eliminate negative beliefs about yourself and other people.

One of the main reasons why your negativity is so intense is because you have a lot of negative beliefs.

Think of them as roots of the tree. A tree stands because it has strong roots in the ground. The deeper they go, the stronger the tree.

Same thing with negativity – the more negative beliefs are rooted in your mind, the stronger your negativity tree.

Cut those roots off, and the tree starts to fall (just don’t cut the real trees please!). 

To find your negative beliefs, take a sheet of paper (or a pretty note paper if you’re fancy) and write down all the negative things you’re always thinking about yourself or others. 

Here’s an example:

I used to have a negative belief that all people are selfish and only care about themselves. 

Is this true? Not really.

Yes, there are a lot of selfish people, but definitely, not all of them are like that. There are a lot of people who are ready to help others first (volunteers, doctors, firefighters, mothers).

Once I got rid of that negative belief, my life immediately started to look more positive.

So think well, find your negative beliefs and bravely let them go.

2. Stop criticizing things, products and people that don’t align with your perfect world idea.

If you always think that everything should be the way you think it should be, you’re bound to be disappointed. 

Your world view is not the most important (I’m sorry!), and neither is anyone else’s. 

Let people do the things they do and refrain from criticizing them – you’re not gaining a single benefit from being mean about something.

3. Stop expecting things to go right or wrong. Just let them unfold.

Healthy, fact-based expectations are OK but if you always label situations with guesses like “this will probably be bad” or “I will probably fail”, you’re just feeding yourself that negativity cake.

Instead, just let things unfold without any particular expectations. Let them happen.

4. Do a digital detox challenge.

If you spend a lot of time absorbing negative information on the internet, social media, forums or Netflix, it can make things look pretty gray.

To take care of that, do a liberating Digital Detox challenge, and you will find yourself being less negative day by day.

5. Practice being positive with a positivity journal.

Positivity journal is a fun and creative way to practice positive thinking and focus on the bright side. 

By doing positive exercises, you start taking real action towards brighter thoughts. And as in every goal, the first step to achieving something is taking that first action. 

Here’s a printable Positivity journal I designed and use myself to boost my positivity when negative thoughts start to creep in

What I love the most about this journal is that it helps you train your mind to find negativities and replace them with something more positive. 

It also helps you to concentrate on the things that are going well, and it brightens your mood immediately. Try it yourself!

6. Work on relieving your stress daily.

Being tired and exhausted can impact your mindset and make you negative without any particular reason. 

Here are the things you can do to relax and de-stress: 

7. Accept the fact that you can’t control other people. 

That’s no secret so you should stop caring about other people’s thoughts, words or actions unless you can positively impact them. 

Let go of any anger and disappointment you’ve accumulated from people not acting the way you want them to.

8. Surround yourself with a positive environment. 

That is positive people, positive objects, organized, clean and tidy home… Things that are bright, happy and beautiful! Like flowers.

9. Take a break, do something new or go on a trip. 

Sometimes we become negative just because we’re tired and irritated with our everyday routine. Report this ad

Our brain always craves things that are new, fresh and exciting so no wonder you fall out of the positivity wagon if you’ve been doing nothing else but grinding the same work-home-work routine. 

If you can, go on a trip. It will surely help you clear out your head, relax and set a new beginning with a new mindset.

If a trip is not an option right now, check out this list: 25 Positive Ideas For When Your Life Feels Boring

It may help you find a new fun thing to focus on and give your brain some shiny new excitement!

10. Develop a daily gratitude habit.

Finally, gratitude. A simple, yet powerful way to help yourself take a different look at your life, yourself and your situation. 

So often we obsess about things that are not important at all… I learned this lesson the hard way when my dad got sick with cancer. Suddenly, all the problems that used to be so huge to me became tinier than a grain of sand.

Gratitude can help you shift your focus on things that you already have, instead of thinking about what you lack. 

Here’s an article I wrote about that: 5 Ways To Stay Positive With Gratitude

And if you want to start practicing gratitude as a healthy everyday habit, this printable Gratitude Journal can help you do that in a fun and creative way:

We should summarize this, shall we?

The 10 things you have to do if you want to stop being so negative:

  • Eliminate negative beliefs with a mental declutter
  • Stop criticizing things that don’t align with your opinion
  • Stop expecting things to go one or another way
  • Do a digital detox challenge
  • Practice better mindset with a Positivity Journal
  • Work on stress relief daily
  • Accept the fact that you can’t control other people’s actions
  • Surround yourself with a positive environment
  • Take a break or go on a trip regularly
  • Develop a daily gratitude habit

That’s it! Try to implement at least a few of these, and you will start being less negative right away.

Isn’t that great? It means that you can stop binging on that bitter negativity cake that was making you sick and unhappy. 

Life is beautiful. ALLOW yourself to see that!

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