Understanding The Ins & Outs of Depersonalisation Derealisation Disorder

You’re walking through a park, going to meet friends, or perhaps even going to work or classes. Then you start noticing something really and truly strange. The entire world around you is beginning to change. Maybe it’s actually moving, fluid similar to a river. Maybe it feels like it’s coming apart at the seams. You are feeling like you’re stuck in the television and you can feel the edges closing in because the digital world surrounding you breaks up. This isn’t a weird dream turned quasi-nightmare via David Lynch or yet one more spin-off from the Matrix. For many people these feelings of reality fading and breaking down around them is actually a medical condition generally known as derealization anxiety, in fact it is an extremely serious condition. Maybe even managing your business is difficult, knowing what to do for advancement or who to hire for external job or even knowing the needs of your company.

depersonalization derealization disorder

Exactly What Is Derealization?

Derealization is undoubtedly an anxiety-based symptom that can occur during extreme panic and anxiety attacks and is particularly a very serious condition. This isn’t a typical symptom of normal anxiety, but indicates there exists something that is seriously wrong. Someone struggling with this feels a powerful disconnection from reality. Reality could seem like it is literally coming apart for them or it may fade like white-noise. This disorder is almost always linked to severe stress and anxiety and is often associated with extremely traumatic moments.

Treatment Options

One of many unique traits of derealization anxiety is the fact that best treatment is mental mindfulness. This really is agreed upon by psychologists and also by doctors. In other words: they both agree that the mental anguish that comes from this condition can only be combated by using a very strong mental discipline. Exactly what is strange about this situation is that for many people it is a simple one-off issue, and then just after one experience they can shake it off and never have another issue along those lines.

Other folks battle with re-establishing reality and having the ability to function and hold onto their mental and psychological state. They may need counseling and support over the long-term to eventually overcome their condition and ensure there are no relapses.

There’s no way of telling which way an individual may go, either. Some recover quickly, some can’t, and yes it seems very random which way things will play out.

In Conclusion

While derealization anxiety can still seem like an extremely strange affliction out of a movie or Television series, as we discussed with this article it is actually a real condition and one that can really hammer a person’s perception of reality. Should you ever find yourself yourself in this situation the immediate initial step must be to calm down, practice deep breathing techniques, and then try to pull yourself together in the moment. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and whenever you can give yourself a break.

In many cases derealization is connected to traumatic situations and knowing this will give you some chance of knowing it when it happens and being able to give yourself sufficient mental capacity when it is happening to protect yourself or at least put yourself in a much better position for recovery.

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