Journal Prompts For Self Care: DBT And ACT

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How to use these journal prompts

Each prompt starts with a question in bold to get you started with writing and reflection. Write whatever you want in response to the question. I try to write for 5-10 minutes for each prompt. Too little writing may show that you’re not pushing yourself, but too much can get overwhelming. When you are done with your own reflections, read the response aloud to yourself. And again, you do not have to do these in a particular order, or do all of them at all. They are individual prompts.

Prompt: What emotions am I experiencing currently? What emotions have been prominent in my life in the last few days?

Response to myself: My emotions are part of my experience as a human being. I acknowledge my emotions in this moment without judgment. While my reactions to emotions could have consequences, my emotions themselves are not “good” or “bad.” They simply are. If I had many emotions today, that does not make me hysterical. If I had few, it does not make me cold or aloof. My emotions do not control me or my actions. They are part of me, but not the whole me.

Prompt: What has been stressing me out lately? What circumstances are difficult to handle right now? Out of these circumstances, what was in my control? What was out of my control (hint: anything that anybody does is NOT in your control)?

Response to myself: My circumstances do not control me. There is a time and place for figuring out solutions, but right now I am simply processing what has happened. I am not a better or worse person because of what has happened. I am not responsible for other people’s actions, even though they may have affected me. I AM responsible for my own actions.

Prompt: What am I thankful for about myself today? What are at least 5 positive and true things I can say about myself today?

Response to myself: It is not enough to write b.s. stuff down to say I accomplished this task. I must also believe what I have written. There are always things to be thankful for. May I remember those things daily.

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Prompt: What are my goals? How am I doing with my goals currently? Am I well on my way, or struggling to get started? Are my goals positive and realistic? What can I do to improve or keep going?

Response to myself: One step is better than no steps. I do not set goals because I’m not good enough or worthy. I set goals because I want to be better. I want to maximize my life and live intentionally. I want to thrive, not just survive each day.

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