To Fly Through Clear Skies

Carlene, a Blog Subscriber and reader, sent me this poem that she has written to her daughter. It’s beautiful and evocative. She’s happy for me to share it with you.

I’ve had dreams I could fly
like a bird touch the sky
Fully bare no cares Joy deep inside
Feel the Peace of silence 
removed  from all violence
In the heart of humanity
here on Earth such calamity
A birds eye view is what’s neededLet us plant holy seeds
of Love     of Light
Let us shine bright as the Sun
pure as the Blue
It’s up to me.    It’s up to You.
To see and be seen as we truly are
A blooming flower in the night
A wise young owl full of sight
A slug in cold dirt love Mother Earth
Fresh morning dew a frogs loud croak
Laughter of a child’s innocent joke
Beautiful melody of flutes tune
or a trombone’s sliding notes
An underdog push of my child
on their swing
Feel Loves goodness let it ring
Softly as the rustle of gentle breeze
We are the green in each tree
We are the Love of pink flowers
We hold the keys
We have the Power
To fly through clear skies
or the dark new moon
No need for fear 
I’ve fought demons alone
I will do that for You
Whatever it takes
to make amends for
my many mistakes.  


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