Oh a little bitty termite you know he come knockin’ knockin’ on my front door
Well he walked right in sat right down started chewin’ on the kitchen floor
You know he chewed out the walls and the ceilings and the halls Lord knows he tried
But he kept gettin’ thinner and he never got no dinner and finally he sat up and cried
He said it’s plastic yeah he said it’s plastic
Well you know it ain’t no wood and it can’t do me no good
Because it’s plastic he said it’s plastic
You know that everything’s gonna be plastic by and by

Yeah an early one day in the month of May I went down to the beach
You know there were beauties and cuties in little bathin’ suities
And all of them within my reach
Then a 38-24-36 miss just happened to be passin’ my way
I said please don’t think I’m nervy but you look so very curvy
Please tell me how you got that way
She said it’s plastic she said it’s just plastic
She said it’s pretty as can be but you know that it ain’t me
Because it’s plastic she said it’s plastic everything’s gonna be plastic by and by 
Shel Silverstein

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