I Leave Thee For Awhile

I leave thee for awhile, my love, I leave thee with a sigh; 
The fountain spring within my soul is playing in mine eye; 
I do not blush to own the tear,–let, let it touch my cheek, 
And what my lip has failed to tell, that drop perchance may speak. 
Mavourneen! when again I seek my green isle in the West, 
Oh, promise thou wilt share my lot, and set this heart at rest. 

I leave thee for awhile, my love; but every hour will be 
Uncheered and lonely till the one that brings me back to thee. 
I go to make my riches more; but where is man to find 
A vein of gold so rich and pure as that I leave behind? 
Mavourneen! though my home might be the fairest earth possessed, 
Till thou wouldst share and make it warm, this heart would know no rest. 

I leave thee for awhile, my love; my cheek is cold and white, 
But ah, I see a promise stand within thy glance of light; 
When next I seek old, Erin’s shore, thy step will bless it too, 
And then the grass will seem more green, the sky will have more blue. 
Mavourneen! first and dearest loved, there’s sunshine in my breast, 
For thou wilt share my future lot, and set this heart at rest. 
Eliza Cook

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