What If I Go?

Polly White a regular blog reader and subscriber sent me her book, What If I Go?‘ to read and review which has been a please and honour to do so.I have read about half your book but am afraid I can go no further as it is too triggering for me. Here is my review which I am sure relates to the overall book. What if I Go? is a well-crafted book written by Polly White which follows the journey of Grace Negrescu from Romania to the UK. She finds herself caught up in an abusive situation way beyond her control. The scenes describing the abuse are raw and evocative painting the underworld in its’ true light.Grace meets a worker at the Centre called Joe who gives her faith back by helping her find her way through justice. Faith becomes a pivotal part of Grace’s life.As Polly herself says this is a cautionary tale for older teens, parents, anyone who’s questioned how innocent students from good families are so easily sucked into the sleazy underworld.I highly recommend this gripping book. It is a true page-turner. Thanks for sending the book to me. It was an honour to read it and I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I will one day but that time is not right for me now.’

A highly recommended read and available on Amazon on Kindle and Softback.


  1. Erin,
    I admire your concern for others and great strength. As well, I much appreciate your time and expert opinion.
    Thank-you from me. In my novel, I wanted to tip the vulnerable off to sexual exploitation. Thanks come from survivors around the world, I’m sure.

    • It’s a pleasure Polly. I posted you on Pinterest as well. Forgot to tell you. I am recovering thanks. Am home now. Came back last Friday after six weeks in the Clinic. I am much better and in a much healthier frame of mind. Hope your well. All the best Erin

      • I wrote an essay for Rumpus about creative writing and raising awareness of Child Abuse. Your wonderful memoirs and blog got more than a brief mention. If it is published I’ll direct you to it. Trusting all is as well as can be expected. Best Fiona

      • Hi Polly

        Sorry for the delay in replying but I have had Covid19 and was in hospital for five months, four of them on a ventilator in Intensive Care. I am now home but still on oxygen and having difficulty walking. Thanks for telling me about the article and mentions. Really appreciate it.

        Hope you are well.

        Best wishes


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