Coming to Understand My System in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Alter Types

My alter types are:

  • Child and adolescent alters – young alters are often the first discovered in therapy and are the most common type of alter. These alters emerge to handle the abuse that the original personality couldn’t tolerate. A DID alter may be referred to as a “little” if the alter acts seven years or younger.
  • Protector or rescuer alters – these alters can be of any age and were created to save the original person from intolerable situations. These DID alters are often tougher and braver than the original personality.
  • Persecutor alters – these DID alters are modeled after the abuser. Persecutor alters create negative messages blaming the original identity for the abuse and telling them they need to die or pay for it. Often the host will act on these negative messages and self-harm or even attempt suicide. This is often when the person is first introduced to the mental health system.
  • Perpetrator alters – also modeled after the abuser, these dissociative identity disorder alters direct their hostility outward rather than inward towards other personalities.
  • Avenger alters – this dissociative identity disorder alter holds the rage from the childhood abuse and may seek retribution from the abuser. They tend to express the anger of the entire system and can be hostile.

It is only during this five week stay at the Clinic that we have finally been able to identity all the alters and their types. It is a huge step forward in how I can be treated. We already know that two of the child alters and one of the teen alter are integrated and talk to each other and the host (me). There are three persecutor alters, the Mother alter, the seventeen year old and the eighteen year old who are responsible for all the suicide attempts and self harm and now the Mother alter making a death threat towards my husband. We have been able to ascribe descriptors towards all the other alters as well which is very helpful in how the psychiatrist/psychotherapist interacts with them.

I was meant to be discharged last Friday but both my psychiatrist and my psychotherapist deemed my suicidality and homicidality were too high so would not discharge me. I’m being reviewed again tomorrow. They are negotiating very strongly with the Mother alter on the threats she has made towards my husband. She has agreed that she will do nothing towards him between appointments with the psychotherapist. If that is to change she is to tell the psychotherapist. She is a scrupulously honest woman so will keep her word. Given this new undertaking I am hoping for discharge this week.

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