National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA)

On the Closed and Private Group YouWillBearWitness on Facebook for CPTSD and Child Abuse Survivors one of the members introduced us all to the amazing service NAASCA. What is it? and What does it do?

The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse or NAASCA (  is an organization that has a single purpose and that is to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives:

1) Educating the public, especially as related to getting society over it’s taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting facts showing child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone.

2) Offering hope and healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recover.
The website offers resources for recovery as well as groups and contacts for self help groups, professional help, etc. NAASCA also sponsors the “Stop Child Abuse Now” blog talk radio show which airs every night except Saturday.  Radio show topics are listed on the webpage as well as the link to the radio show.
NAASCA also participates in most major social media sites.  The links are also on the website.
NAASCA is not only offering help and hope and are truly united as a family of survivors.  Volunteers are available to talk, email or message 24 hours a day.

It is an amazing service and those that are able to avail of it are very lucky in America. If other readers know of other services they would like to share I would love to post them on the blog so just email me on

For more information on CPTSD and other issues visit our YouTube Channel

If you need support or would like to connect with like-minded people join our Private and Closed online Facebook Group for Child Abuse Survivors and those with CPTSD. Click here to join

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