Powerful, That’s What I Am

That’s what I am
I have so much power it scares me
The power to destroy
The power to build,
The power to grow
The power to transform
There’s nothing Calm about it
It’s not supposed to be
I am a tree
Breaking through a boulder
Growing roots firmly planted
In the ground
I’ve had this rock sitting on me
For so long
It doesn’t want to move
So I just had to decide to break through
It wasn’t pretty
Or easy,
I broke it apart, it was suffocating me
Keeping me down
Now I see the sunshine
I feel the rain
I swing my branches, and shake my leaves
Wild powerful woman tree, let the wind
Rustle through you, shake woman shake
Grow to the Heavens, and do the Dance of trees
Leave nothing unfinished, nothing undisturbed
Because you go to, you have no choice
But to Live and, Breathe, and be Strong!

PJ McCreanor

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