Follow Up On Finding My Babies


On the 21st of November I wrote about the start of my search to find my children that I had given birth to in my teenage years that had been taken away from me straight away and I was given no knowledge of what happened to them. I finished the article with the exciting news that the Adoption Agency of Ireland had responded to me and put me in touch with an organisation called Tusla which specialises in dealing with cases such as mine where there are no birth certificates or definite dates of birth. Apparently, there are hundreds of cases just like mine in Ireland.

They emailed me and we set up a time for a telephone call which was last Thursday. I waited with bated breath at 10.30pm Sydney (9.30am Dublin time) but no call came through. I checked my email. Apparently, she couldn’t get through. I gave her my mobile but she had the same problem. It was decided that we would do Skype but she would have to wait for the IT person at her workplace to set it up on her computer so it could not be today. I was so disappointed. She apologised and said she would be in touch as soon as possible.

Well, that was last Tuesday! We spoke at length on Skypke. She was kind, sensitive and supportive. She had to ask my history; painful questions. As regards the babies all I was able to tell her was that they were black haired girls, born in January 1977 and July 1979 and that my Mother had come into the Hotel bedroom where I lived and took them away as soon as the birth was over. She told me nothing about what happened to them.

Katie the woman from Tusla was able to tell me that they have a large database of people who have come forward since the Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Institutions In Ireland in 2008 looking for their birth parents both from Ireland and around the world especially England and America. They have made successful matches in cases like mine and confirmed them using DNA as well as circumstantial evidence. It gave me great hope. Maybe there is a chance. Perhaps there is a hope I will find them. She warned me if the child had not been told it was adopted which is a possibility then there is no chance. What they do know is there is no record of a baby registered as being born in those months in my area in Ireland in my name or my siblings’ names but that is most likely to be expected she said. They would have wanted to have covered it up.

This new development has had a profound effect on my fifteen-year-old and seventeen-year-old alters. They are very happy that I am doing this. They have thanked me. That is highly unusual for the seventeen-year-old who is usually intent only on self-harm. So hopefully she will refrain for any punishment while she sees how I am trying to help her find her baby. It’s a blessed relief.

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  1. Erin, I’m so happy for your alters and for you for taking care of so many people. Such a nurturing warm person, to come from a place where none was offered. If you ever need support or compassion you know where to look. -Christine

    • Hi Christine, thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate them. I will keep your kind offer in mind. Thank you so much. All the very best to you. Erin

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