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My partner and son came into the Clinic and had lunch with me today. It was a welcome visit. I miss my family. My partner brought in my Therapy dog Toby who I hadn’t seen for a week. He went bezerk when he saw me!!!! He ran around in circles almost talking he was so excited. It’s not possible to have him stay with me here in the Clinic even though he would be allowed because he’s an Australian Kelpie who are an extremely active breed and it would be cruel. I just couldn’t give him the exercise that he needs and is used to on the farm. He’d miss his chickens. It was great to spend time with him. I enjoyed so much patting him.

The great news my son had was that he had signed a lease on a shared house with four friends. That is really significant as he is autistic. He has just finished his first year of University while living in an apartment that we took turns to share with him. He found his niche at Uni and made some great friends, an achievement in itself and they asked him to share a house with him. Together they organised themselves and found a great Federation Terrace house in inner-city Redfern in Sydney only twenty minutes walk from their Uni. He has overcome so many of the social challenges that autistic people face in this achievement. I am so proud of him. He struggled all the way through Primary School finding it hard to make friends. It was a bit better in High School but he has really blossomed at Uni. The course itself is his passion so that helps. He is mixing with people as obsessed with film and drama as himself so commonality is so important. It’s a great relief to us his parents. I’m feeling very positive about his 2019.

Therapy continues to go well and I’m slowly making progress. The alters are still active but I am safe from any self-harm here which is such a great rest for both my partner and myself. My psychiatrist has established good rapport with one of the self-harming alters and she has explained why she does it. It is punishment for the sexual abuse that occurred when I was a child. She blames me for it and believes I am responsible. He is establishing trust with her to convince her that she has nothing to be blamed for. She was a victim and just a child. They were the perpetrators. If he can get through to her that would be a huge step forward. It may take some time.

I have been going to Art Therapy every day and doing Aboriginal dot painting and finding it totally absorbing and therapeutic. I think of nothing else when I am doing it. It clears my head and I feel calm afterward. One is of a broken heart for the babies I lost when I was of a teenager and the other is of a horse that died recently on the farm that we had for sixteen years who was very dear to us.

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