My Lady When She Cries

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No one knows my lady when she’s lonely
No one sees the fantasies and fears my lady hides
There are those who’ve shared her love and laughter
But no one hears my lady when she cries…but me
No one hears my lady when she cries
And when she cries she makes you wanna run
And chase the sun and bring it back
To brighten up a corner of her dark and troubled skies
When she cries
She walks barefoot through the misty mornin’
Dreams of golden yesterdays reflectin’ in her eyes
But soon the evenin’ shadows crowd around her
Frightening my lady till she cries…for me
Frightening my lady, till she cries
You may have seen her lyin’ in your lamplight
And if you’ve heard her whispered words, it comes as no surprise
So be the one she shares her secret smiles with
But send me back my lady when she cries…for me
My lady’s gonna need me when she cries


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