White Walls by Vida

Today is R U Ok Day here in Australia. Got a niggling feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem out of sorts? More agitated or withdrawn? Or they’re just not themselves. Trust that gut instinct and act on it.
By starting a conversation and commenting on the changes you’ve noticed, you could help that family member, friend or workmate open up. If they say they are not ok, you can have conversation steps to show them they’re supported and help them find strategies to better manage the load. If they are ok, that person will know you’re someone who cares enough to ask.
The sensational singing group Vida has released an EP today coinciding with R U OK Day called White Walls. It is about the struggle with mental health and one woman’s fight to overcome it. It is a very personal song. Download it and listen. It’s amazing and all proceeds go to the Black Dog Institute for Mental Health Research. Congratulations Vida on a fantastic song. Wonderful to see the music industry getting behind Mental Health.

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