Helicopter Therapist!

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We’ve all heard of ‘helicopter parenting’. Perhaps we even are one. I know there are times when I  have certainly verged on being one. Asking just one question too many about how my child’s day went, who they played with, enrolled them in just too many activities thinking it would aid their development and caught myself just in time. It’s happened to us all. It’s natural to want the best for our children and it can lead us to over-parent them sometimes. This leads to them not developing enough independence and relying on us as parents beyond the appropriate years. Then we only have ourselves to blame. Helicopter parents do their children no favours in the long run.

Well, have you ever heard of the ‘helicopter therapist’!. Don’t laugh. I’m being serious. Just such a topic came up for discussion with my therapist last Tuesday night in our weekly telephone call. She brought it up in reference to the amount of vigilance and supervision that is required to treat me at the moment and she jokingly said,  “I hope I’m not becoming a helicopter therapist”.

She’s not. She’s just doing a really good job. Really good. She doesn’t overstep the boundaries. I’m not entirely happy with the fact that if I cut again I have to go to the Public System Psychiatric Ward (she’s written a letter to the Emergency Ward if I present for stitching) instead of going to the Private Clinic. The idea being to deter the dangerous alters from cutting. They hate the Public System. It’s a tactic. One I hope works.

She said she has seen helicopter therapists at work at Conferences, constantly on their phones to clients in between sessions unable to be out of touch with clients. She’s not like that at all. However, it really tickled both of our senses of humour the term helicopter therapist. It’s a funny concept, particularly when you’ve known helicopter parents.

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