Different Psychiatrict Approaches


Earlier in the week I wrote that I had been refused admission to a Private Psychiatric Clinic where my psychiatrist practices. I had been there many times before. The reason given simply was I was no longer suitable. I was devastated as I have been self-harming and am suicidal. My partner is at his wits end with how to keep me safe. The only option they gave me was the Public System which I am totally unsuitable for. I feel completely unsafe in there and the only treatment you get is medication which does not fix the problem. Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder do not respond to just medication.

We went to my psychotherapist totally crestfallen. She had never heard of someone being refused admission to a Clinic before so could offer no words of explanation. She said to leave it with her and she would try and find an alternative among her peers and that is exactly what she did. She called one of her peer group psychiatrists and they agreed to take me on as a patient and admit to their facility. It is not as convenient to our home but is nearer our daughter and sons so that is good and it specialises in DID and PTSD.

I am to be admitted on Thursday and see the psychiatrist on the same day so no delays in treatment. The only let down is I do not get to see my own psychotherapist whilst an inpatient there. At last my husband gets respite and I get a break from self-harming. It is a huge relief.

They practice EMDR therapy there too so it will be interesting to use a different practitioner and see what results I get.


  1. I’m happy to know there was a good ending to the devastating news. I’m totally baffled that you were refused also! Did you ever get an explanation as to why?? Good thoughts sent to you.

    • Thanks for reading my article and taking the trouble to comment. No I never got an explanation as to why. It was just a blank refusal. Had a good outcome in the end so I’ve moved on. Hope your well. Happy New Year. All the best Erin.

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