When The Mental Health System Puts You in the “Too Hard Basket”


Over the past three months, I have been self-harming and been suicidal attempting twice. We have been managing at home as best as we can with the help of our psychotherapist, psychiatrist and amazing family. My partner has been amazing. He has held the family together and acted as friend, confidant as well as father to our four terrifically strong children.

On Friday we decided enough was enough and I should be admitted to hospital for containment and safety reasons and for respite for the family. We pushed to go button with the psychiatrist. Today I got a call from her to say that the Clinic would not admit me !!!! I wasn’t deemed suitable. I have been there many times before and always played by their rules. They gave no other reason but refused admission. The psychiatrist was very apologetic and explained that there was nothing she could do, that it was a Management decision. I was no longer deemed suitable for their facility.

We are furious. We pay full Private Health Insurance so are fully covered. My psychiatrist works there for goodness sake. It doesn’t make any sense. I feel totally let down by the Mental Health System when I need it most. When my family needs it most. We are desperate. I now have only the Public Health System to turn to. It is a totally inadequate system for my needs and I don’t have access to my psychiatrist or my psychotherapist. It’s a hopeless situation. I won’t go into the public system. I’ve been there before under schedule and it’s dreadful. It’s like going back in time.

It is appalling that a hospital can refuse a patient admission rights on such flimsy grounds. We fully intend taking it up with the Patient Advocacy Board. Meanwhile we have to try and find a new psychiatrist that will take me on and admit me to their facility as soon as possible as my suicidality is so high.


  1. I’m shocked and sorry to hear this. I live in the UK and I’m guessing under our system if a psychiatrist makes a decision their word is final. The notion that management can overrule a professional decisions smacks of money dictating type of care. I’m really hope the situation is quickly resolved and you receive the care you are fully entitled to. One day at a time. Tomorrow is a different day from today. X

    • I was really shocked too that my psychiatrist could be overruled by management but apparently they can in the Private System. We are looking into a different Clinic and getting a new psychiatrist with the help of my psychotherapist. Your right one day at a time. Thanks for your support. All the best Erin

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