Alternative Approaches to Treating PTSD


I went to a different GP yesterday to have stitches removed following a cutting incident after a switching with my ‘Mother alter’ who is the one who causes me to self-harm and attempt suicide. She has been very active recently so I have been cutting a lot. My own GP is away so with some trepidation I had to go to the Practices’ other Doctor.  He was very gentle and understanding. I received no judgement so I was very relieved.

The arm was infected so I needed antibiotics. This led him to talking about nutrition. He went onto ask me if I had ever heard of Professor Julia Rucklidge. I had not, so he informed me that she had enormous success in treating PTSD with Micronutrients and supplements and he would highly recommend I try it. He gave me a TedX Talk to watch. It’s very interesting and certainly some food for thought. Her work is peer reviewed. Here is the Ted Talk for you to watch for yourselves.

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