Time to speak

On the Blue Knot Foundation website there are published stories and poems from adult survivors of child abuse. Many are inspiring such as Johnthan’s reprinted below. Blue Knot provide online and telephone support plus workshops for survivors. Visit Blue Knot. Based in Australia.

Time to Speak

It is finally time to speak

The stories we have kept away

From the stigma and the sounds

Of come on please don’t tell

No one wants to hear it all

The tragedy and horror that was true

No one wants to imagine the hurt

That was offered to such a little girl

We can claim our voice at times

When we are protected and safe inside

But what we cannot yet achieve

Is the final speech of how it should be

It is not up to us to help you get it

It is not up to us to make it OK

It is up to us to be proud of our life

And to not let it explain us away

The word abuse and all that it means

Brings judgement from such fear

A fear we have lived with but not one

We need to continue to hear

I am a strong and phenomenal person

No matter what someone else chose for me

I did not do anything wrong and that’s a fact

It does not and will never define me

So next time someone describes a past of abuse

Do not be scared or sorry for their hurt

See that individual for all that you already know

About them as they continue on with their own

Their story does not mean they are less than

Or that they are extraordinary

It simply is what it is a past that hurt

A story that allows them to breathe

So let them tell their story

Even if it’s hard for you to see

Thank them for their courage and truth

And move on with their fight for a future free

Free from the shame another individual bestowed on them

Free from the judgement of their character to be

Free from the stigma of incapability

And most of all free to be

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