Even After the Royal Commission Does The Church Understand Yet?


Christine and Anthony Foster are parents of two daughters entrusted to the Catholic education system who were abused by Father Kevin O’Donnell. “Memories haunted our girls. Emma took her life aged 26 after a traumatic teenage and young adult life filled with despair, self-harming and drug addiction. Katie began binge drinking and was hit by a car while drunk. She spent 12 months in hospital and now, 18 years later, still receives 24-hour care, as she always will. Childhood sexual abuse was the cause and self-destructive behaviour was the impact.” Christine writes. O’Donnell abused at least 100 children. He went to prison in 1995 for 14 months for sexually assaulting children (rape charges were dropped in a plea bargain). When a few weeks ago at the Royal Commission, on a panel of five archbishops, one described the forced, often violent, rape of thousands of children as “misbehaving”, not one of them said a word. God almighty, what is wrong with these sanctimonious men of religion? What do they need to make them understand? Another $450 million royal commission?

The royal commission will release its findings on December 15 but these will go nowhere unless politicians act on them. We hope they vote for the safety and protection of voiceless, innocent children and not cave in to the untrustworthy churches and their mani­pulative lawyers and lobbyists.

Implementing the recommendations will help make Australia the safest country in the world for children.

Who doesn’t want that? concludes Chrissie Foster in the Australian. Read her full article here

I have followed much of the Royal Commission on webcast and have been galled at the arrogance of many of the Institutions but particularly the Churches in their abject inability to accept TRUE responsibility for what abuse took place. Some school principals actually admitted they did not think it was a crime worth reporting !!! Others Churches clearly saw the solution of moving perpetrators from Parish to Parish as acceptable. The Melbourne Response negotiated by Cardinal Pell silencing victims for a small sum deemed as okay. Let us hope the present Royal Commission findings and solutions it hopefully offers as Chrissie Foster says, sets these wrongs to right and victims find peace. In Ireland old wounds have been opened with the discovery of the Tuam Babies and goodness knows what other pains will be unearthed. I for one just want answers and truth.

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