Well that wasn’t so bad !!!!

So I finally had my first appointment with my new Psychiatrist which I had been dreading so much. The relationship between patient and psychiatrist  is a very delicate one and it takes a  long time for the trust to build, so starting a new one is fraught with obstacles especially suffering from Complex PTSD and trauma where you are at risk of mistrust, seeing the worst in everyone, reading too much into what people say, not being a good listener, hearing a different message from what is being delivered, to say the least it’s a minefield !!!!! I did not sleep the night before with anxiety with anticipation at the impending meeting. The appointment time arrived and I nearly chickened out but pushed on.

The appointment time arrived and I nearly chickened out but pushed on. He had no files or notes with him and just sat relaxed in the chair smiling at me encouraging me to talk about my day. He’d clearly read my notes and was across my case. It was a good start. I said a few sentences and he responded surprisingly well which disarmed me. I was expecting this so before I knew where I was I was talking easily. Then he struck gold when he said: Tell me what you think about your medications ?”.

Asking my opinion about them was hugely important. I said I was pleased with them and did not want any changes. He said he would respect that at this stage. We had got off to a flying start and it boded well for a promising future working relationship. Maybe the transition from my old treasured psychiatrist to him was not going to be as bad as I thought. Relief !!!!!!!

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